Just put a little of your saliva into the collection well (the blue receptacle) and the white test paper will indicate whether your glucose level is normal in minutes!


No blood or pain is involved, so it poses no risk of infection. It is a safe and easy screening method of Diabetes.


Each test is individually packaged and disposable after used. This rules out the possibility of contamination.


It takes only 5 minutes to reveal
the results!


You can use a smart phone to take a photo of the device after used and upload it to our server via our APP. The software…(keep the rest), add a hyperlink to direct audience to “How to download our app” – below in the “your personal health consultant” column


The Kiss & Tell glucose meter is produced in Hong Kong apart from the packaging, which is made in Mainland China. Our target is to have this product completely manufactured in Hong Kong.

1/ Rinse your mouth with water
(not sugary drinks!)

2/ Deliver saliva to collection well

3/ Wait for 5 minutes

4/ Check the color for results

Negative Test Result

Positive Test Result Repeat the test in the next few meals. If the result is consistently pink, please consult your doctor for a thorough check-up of Diabetes!
Kiss & Tell reacts to the glucose in
your saliva and gives the following results
Darker pink color indicates higher glucose levels
Store, upload and track your results! Anytime, Anywhere.
Download the "eNano Health Kiss and Tell" app
from Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) with yoursmartdevice.
First time users: Create User Name and Password, then click "Register"
Existing users: Type in username and password. Hit "OK" to login.
Kiss & Tell Q&A
A : ‘Kiss & Tell’ is our award winning product that tests for high blood glucose levels using saliva instead of blood. Due to the non-invasive and painless nature of using saliva to test for blood glucose levels, users are more receptive to performing the tests multiple times a day. As a result, users can personally become more aware of how diet, exercise, stress, or other lifestyle choices may affect their glucose health levels, thus encouraging them to adopt a healthier lifestyle that is best suited for them. The product is ideal for Type II diabetic patients to monitor their high glucose conditions.
A : Home-based blood glucose monitoring (e.g. Kiss & Tell or any other finger-pricking blood glucose monitors) are intended for health screening or routine monitoring to increase the self-health awareness of the users. It allows an individual to better understand the relative changes within his/her body. It is not meant for disease diagnosis. A person’s blood glucose level goes up and down all day. The blood glucose test will only show the result of the glucose level at that one point in time. For example, if you prick two different fingers at the same time, the results may vary too. That is why physicians encourage patients to test multiple times a day to get a better estimation of the glucose levels of the patient. For clinical valuation, physicians usually use another laboratory test called hemoglobin A1c to support the prognosis of the patient. Hemoglobin A1c represents the average blood glucose levels over the last three months.
A : For type II diabetic or gestational diabetic patients, we recommend testing 7 times a day, similar to the doctor’s recommendation. When this is done consistently on a daily basis, the results will be able to generate an average number which is an index that may be a closer estimate of the hemoglobin a1c number. For health management or screening purpose, we recommend the user to test once or twice every day. Our suggestion is to test two hours after dinner. If the result is high, engage in some exercise that evening to consume the extra glucose before going to bed.
A : ‘Kiss & Tell’ has been tested with thousands of samples in the laboratory and with people. It has demonstrated high percentage of accuracy in the detection of normal to high glucose levels. Kiss& Tell is not suitable for testing glucose levels below normal. Therefore it is not intended for Type I diabetic patients or patients using insulin. We have also tested to show other types of sugars (non-glucose) do not interfere with the test re-sults unless the concentration is exceptionally higher than the normal physiological levels.
A : The test strip shows a pink color in 5 minutes after the test when the glucose concentration in the saliva sample is higher than normal. The higher the glucose level, the darker will the pink color be. • If the results show a dark pink color on the strip and if the user just has had food or sweet drink taken in the last two hours, the positive result is probably due to the food or drink. • If the test is taken at least two hours after meals or before breakfast and the result shows a pink color, we suggest the user to re-test his/her saliva glucose again later (2 hours after another meal). • If the results are consistent, the user should contact his/her physician for medical consultation. The user could also consider making changes to their lifestyle (e.g., exercise and reduced carbohydrates or sweets) and continue to use Kiss & Tell to closely monitor his/her glucose levels.
A : Drinking plain water will not affect the performance of ‘Kiss & Tell’. In fact, if the user does not have enough saliva in the mouth, the user should drink some water; wait for a few minutes for the “new” saliva to replenish naturally before using the test.
A : Saliva glucose concentration is highly correlated with blood, especially when the glucose level is above normal. Such correlation has been studied in the past 30 years and published in multiple international academic publications. In our laboratory, we have also tested such correlation ourselves. The change of glucose levels due to diet or exercise is reflected in saliva, in a pattern similar to blood. The key differences are that there may be a time lag between the saliva and blood and the absolute amount of glucose is much smaller in saliva than blood. Saliva is “fresher” than urine, easier to get than tears or sweat.
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