In order to stay healthy, it is crucial to monitor our health regularly.

1 or 2 blood tests per year are insufficient to proactively manage our health well. By monitoring regularly, it enables us to keep track of our biomarkers and discover early symptoms that can be treated in an earlier stage. This lowers chances of developing complications and severe illnesses that could be irreversible.

It is not rational to do a blood test every single day as it is invasive and requires health specialists to perform. Also, it is not very cost effective to go to a clinic every day and receive lab reports a week later.

This inspires us to develop a series of non-invasive solutions that are home-used and affordable so that individuals can perform easily on their own on a daily basis. Out of all our body fluids, we think saliva is the easiest to obtain at anytime and anywhere. Therefore, our research and studies are focused on saliva-based solutions.

Besides, it is also fundamental to keep a comprehensive record of all the health data. Hence, we have developed software that supports the device.

OUR Founder

Patrick is the chief Scientist of eNano. He is a PhD graduate of Columbia University and a Post- Doctorate of Stanford University in High Energy Physics. With over 15 years of software development and over 10 years of experience developing a comprehensive health information technology solution platform with physicians, Patrick has thorough insights into Technology that helps improving health management.

Founder: Patrick Leung

Co-founder: Winnie Lun

Winnie is a graduate of Columbia University in Mathematics. She worked as a Senior Vice President at Paramount Pictures and therefore built a strong business background that supports her entrepreneurship later with Patrick.

We are a team of enthusiastic scientists and engineers with experience and training from diverse disciplines including physics, molecular biology, analytical chemistry, information technology, engineering, mathematics and business management committed to deliver solutions empowering individuals to proactively manage their health, not just
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ISO 13485:2003 Certification