Kiss & Tell

Kiss and Tell 7-test package
Kiss and Tell 7-test package
Kiss and Tell 50-test package
Kiss and Tell 50-test package

1st Ever Saliva-Based Glucose Monitor

Kiss & Tell (Glucose) Test


Health Screening and High Glucose Monitoring

No Blood, No Pain

  • Measures glucose level
  • Saliva testing

This test kit measures your glucose level

Why choose Kiss & Tell (Glucose) Test?

  • Non-invasive

  • Convenient

Small, lightweight, and battery-free. Kiss & Tell can easily fit in pockets or bags for glucose testing anytime and anywhere.

  • Multiple Testing

An individual’s blood glucose level fluctuates all day and glucose testing only shows results at a single point in time. Compared to the traditional finger pricking method, the non-invasive and painless saliva test allows multiple testing a day to collect more data points, hence more accurate estimation of average index.

  • Family Collaboration

Test results can be uploaded to the cloud via our mobile app and shared with family members.

Kiss & Tell is for


Health Screening

  • Conducting Self-Health management.
  • If blood glucose level is too high, consult your physician as soon as possible.

Gestational Diabetes

  • Non- invasive way to monitor blood glucose level.
  • No wound, No pain ; safe and trustworthy.

Type II Diabetes

  • An alternative to monitor blood glucose level, complement with traditional glucose meter.

Weight Management

  • Reflects the amount of sugar consumed in each meal.


How to use Kiss & Tell (Glucose) Test?

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